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2017 Broome County League Schedule

Sat, Sep 9, 10:00 AM[1171]Corning United Torrent( 6 : 1 )Broome County Junior Tigersat Kinsella U10
Sat, Sep 16, 1:00 PM[1005]Maine-Endwell Spartans( 7 : 2 )Corning United Torrentat BC United Ross Riley
Sun, Sep 17, 3:00 PM[1134]Broome County Junior Tigers( 0 : 4 )Corning United Torrentat BC United Ross Riley
Sat, Sep 23, 10:00 AM[1231]Cortland Select( 9 : 2 )Corning United Torrentat Starr Road
Sun, Oct 1, 12:00 PM[1177]Corning United Torrent vs Newark Valley Cardinalsat Kinsella U10
Sun, Oct 8, 2:00 PM[1179]Corning United Torrent vs Soaring Capital Cobras-3at Kinsella U10
Sat, Oct 14, 2:00 PM[1181]Corning United Torrent vs Maine-Endwell Spartansat Kinsella U10
Sun, Oct 15, 10:00 AM[1125]Soaring Capital Cobras-3 vs Corning United Torrentat Eldridge 5

2017 Broome County League Rules

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