2015-2016 Team Coaches

Coaching staff as of February 6, 2016.

Spring Coaches
Coach License Experiance - Seasons with Corning United Teams
Michael Gill -  2 seasons U08 coed
Brett Nordman F license  2 seasons U10 boys
Ryan Trice F license  - U10 boys
Chad Freelove D license 19 seasons, State Coach Award, HS coach U12 boys
Keith McEwin F license  5 seasons U12 boys
Andrew Myers - 17 seasons, State Coach Award U12 boys
Lutz Kercher F license  6 seasons U14 boys
Rich Hibbard F license  3 seasons U14 boys
Abby Komarc -  - U10 girls
Chris Daigler -  - U10 girls
Jason Felker F license  2 seasons U12 girls
Ray Ball -  - U12 girls
Clive Howard F license  6 seasons U12 girls
Rich Wagner E license 16 seasons U14 girls
Matt Dejneka F license  4 seasons U14 girls
Jonathan Hodge F license  4 seasons U16 girls
Jim West F license  - U16 girls
Sandy Ostebo Advanced National Diploma  7 seasons, HS varsity coach U18 Girls, Keeper training

Fall and Winter Coaches

Coach License Experiance - Seasons with Corning United Teams
Bill McKendrick -  3 seasons U08 coed
Laura Kahabka -  7 seasons U10 boys
Kenzie Spaulding -  4 seasons U10 boys
Marc Smith -  1 season U10 boys
Ed Gigliotti E license  7 seasons U12 boys
Dan Davis -  3 seasons U12 boys
Curt Grottenthaler E license  7 seasons U12 girls
JT Hufnagel -  1 season Indoor

Prior Years Coaches
Coach License Teams
Brian Smith College coach U14 boys (premier)
Tim Tostanoski E license U14 boys (premier)
Brian Hesch Youth Module U14 boys (premier)
Hemant Patel E license U16 boys (premier)
Rob Hesch High School coach U18 Girls
Chris Allen D license U19 Boys
Doug Butler E license U16 girls
Nikita Dye E license U19 girls
Nikki Dye E license U19 girls
Marcos Gomes E license U14 boys
Dan Calkins E license U16 boys
Fran Behan E license U12 girls
Bill Seip E license U14 girls
Chris Drewno E license U16 girls
Don Allen E license U18 girls
Andrew Heiman E license U10 boys
Barb Nazarczyk E license U10 boys
Patrick Johnson E license U12 boys
Jeff Kohli Youth Module U12 boys
Bill Sheehy Youth Module U10 boys
Kay Duvall U12 girls
Joanna Beardsley U19 girls
Carl Ekstrom U10 Boys
Tom Metarko U12 Boys
Mike Winningham U14 boys
Marcos Ortiz U19 boys
Scott Robinson U12 girls
Jonathan Ly U12 girls
Glenn White U14 Girls
Wayne Fairbanks U16 girls

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