2013 Spring Travel Teams

Registration status

Normal Registration is Open for Spring Travel teams, as of October 18.

Please read the club roster policy noted below, as well as the instructions for registration, and the note about uniforms.

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Spring Development Program

Spring Travel Teams

Roster policy:
Team rosters will be set at 18 active players for U14, U16, and U19 teams. For U10 teams the roster limit is 14, and for U12 teams the roster limit is 16 players. Coaches may hold tryouts if rosters exceed 18 registered players (or 14 players for a U12 team). Broome County Soccer League rules allow up to 22 players to be on a team's overall roster; however, only 18 may be designated for any one game. Coaches have the descretion to set individual team roster levels and determine whether to hold tryouts or maintain open rosters of more than 18 players.

If a team has more than 18 players on their roster, what are the chances that all players will get opportunities to play? The chances are very good, because experience indicates that one or more players may be absent from individual matches due to injuries or family emergencies. In such cases, having extra players allows 18 players to be placed on the roster of every match. Players for each match are designated prior to the match, and can not change once the match is underway.

Questions concerning roster sizes should be addressed by e-mail to the coach of the team, or to Nancy Coons, club registrar.

If there are still openings on a team, you can register by going to the Registration page and completing the online registration.

You may need to buy a uniform for $75 if you don't have one from a previous year. The uniform includes red jersey, white jersey, black shorts and socks. After the team rosters are formed, the team manager will contact you about ordering uniforms. This usually happens at the end of February. Before then, you may contact SJeff Kohli, by e-mail to answer any questions you have about uniforms.

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